The Evidence Base

Map of the 2007 Special Education Technology Literature

SETP readers may be familiar with Prof. Edyburnís annual review of the literature that was published for many years in the Journal of Special Education Technology. The map is a new tactic to try and help special education technology leaders stay up-to-date on the latest advances in our profession.

A visual representation of the 2007 special education technology literature.

For readers that want to be extremely well-informed, the bibliography contains 345 articles that will provide months of reading pleasure! However, to help busy professionals locate recently published articles that are most relevant for your work, a poster and bibliography of the 2007 is available for purchase.

Each article was assigned a descriptor then clustered into one of eight categories. The numbers on the map correspond with the code number that appears in front of each article citation in the document. Simply browse the map to find topics of interest and locate the specific articles using the code number. Hopefully, this new tool will allow you to create a personal reading list that is just the right size and has just the right focus to inform your work about the latest advances in special education technology. Click here to order.