Special Education Technology Practice has an open submissions policy. As a result, manuscripts are accepted for review at any time. If you would like consideration of your work for a specific issue, please use the deadlines listed in the Editorial Calendar below.

2011 Editorial Calender

Deadline Issue, Date Cover Feature
December 15, 2010 13.1, January/February Math
February 15, 2011 13.2, March/April eBooks
April 15, 2011 13.3, May/June Make and Take
July 30, 2011 13.4, September/October Web 2.0 Tools for Your Classroom
October 15, 2011 13.5, November/December Manipulating Images

Author Guidelines

Focus: We seek articles on both assistive and instructional technology that have a practical focus for professionals working in special education. We highlight applications of technology that enhance teaching, learning, and performance. We are not interested in articles that focus specifically on technology and mobility, therapy, or rehabilitation.

Style: Review a current issue of the magazine for ideas about the style and format of articles. Practical how-to articles are encouraged. We are especially interested in works that offer strategies, resources, and tools that speak directly to school-based professionals and help advance the practice of special education technology. As you browse the magazine, note the attention the authors have given to providing tables, figures, and interesting sidebars to illustrate their message and extend the concepts discussed in the text. References and citations should be in APA format.

Length: We've found a conversion rate of 1.5 single-spaced pages equals two pages in the magazine. We are generally interested in features that run 2-5 magazine pages. Longer features are possible, but it is best to contact us first to discuss your ideas.

File Formats: We prefer to receive disk files in Microsoft Word. If you have graphics to accompany your article, please save each image in a separate file in tiff or PDF format. Be sure to use clear names when saving each file (e.g., Figure1.tiff). Within the manuscript, indicate the approximate placement of each figure and table (e.g., insert Figure 1 about here).

Submission: Submit one print copy of your manuscript and a CD with a digital file of your manuscript and all graphic/image files. Label your disk, Macintosh or Windows, and include the word processing program name and version number along with the author's name on the disk label. Manuscripts should be submitted to Dave Edyburn, SETP, 5907 N. Kent Ave., Whitefish Bay, WI 53217-4615.

Questions: Inquiries made be made by phone (414/962-0120) or email editor@setp.net.